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the future of work

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The first accelerator of opportunities and matches between people and services!

What do you do for a living?

We humans are and will be indispensable in society , at Socialneed we use technology in your favor and in favor of social productivity. You will love it!

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With needyou the protagonist is you!

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Millions of opportunities are lost instantly, millions of solutions and opportunities are connected using Socialneed.

It's time to increase the odds and be seen by those who really need your services and it's time to find what you need in real time.


We are using secure technology on your behalf. ​It is very easy to use and you have control at all times!

You will find people ready and trained at the moment according to their availability, regardless of the time of day Social need will solve you when you need it. Remember, we live in a world of setbacks and opportunities!

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