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How does it work?

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We all have skills and specializations that can be very valuable in the environment in which we operate daily!

We all have skills, specializations and professions that are valuable in the environment in which we operate. Likewise, we all need others to solve daily requirements, it is time to find them instantly. 

In Socialneed you can both request services and also offer services. via video call, at home and other optionsYou choose how to use Socialneed!
Socialneed is a place where opportunities and people meet!

From now on you have a
real time search engine where you find what you need at the moment and where you can also increase your income with the skills acquired during your lifeWe are simply accelerating opportunities!

In Socialneed the protagonist is you. 
We are sure that you have acquired knowledge and skills in different areas:
What do you do for a living?
In which you specialize?
What is your profession?
What is your hobby?
What are you learning?
How would you like to be productive today?
A lot of people need you right now and it's time to monetize it! 

Here puYou can express what you know how to do and you will receive requests when someone needs you according to the times you want to be active (you can accept or reject requests at any time).
Any knowledge in which you specialize becomes an income just as you already do in your daily life, but here you increase the opportunities that are generated in your environment, among many areas and use cases, for example: 
  • You are a lawyer and someone needs an urgent consultation related to an area in which you specialize, you may receive a request specifying "Someone needs you for a 30-minute consultation."
  • You are a guitarist and someone needs help to tune their guitar via video callThey could also hire you for a concert via video call or for an in-person event.
  • The wedding is about to start and the photographer has not arrived. If you are a photographer, you may receive a request if your agenda previously marked that time as available.
You can also activate services that you already offer and also advice, classes, entertainment, among others, as well as find new ones. ways to monetizeaccording to your skills and simply the clients reach you in real time or to schedule without the need for you to make great efforts and without  invest or use your resources to position yourself
  • Socialneed Video Call.
  • At home.
  • In your commercial premises.
Just as we can generate income through our human capabilities, specializations and skills acquired throughout our lives We can also have at our disposal other people who operate in our environment; people with complementary abilities, skills and knowledge that allow us to solve and achieve our daily objectives through the services they offer.
On Socialneed you can: 

  Use the search engine specifying what you need.​
✔   Find people available at the moment and trained to solve what you need.
✔   You will be able to see people's profile and qualifications before hiring them, details of what they do and their results with other clients.
✔   You will be able to schedule and hire third parties as well as perform services that others need 
      (via video calls or in person).
✔   You can hire or be hired based on your skills, specialization and services, by hours and by completed work.
✔   You can pay by credit card, debit card and your Wallet.
✔   You will be able to rate the person who performed the work, advice, training or service.

Remember, there are many areas and specializations. We are all willing to give our best in the activities we like.
What if we make that time invested become a source of income? 

To achieve this, we implement several identity verification protocols, capabilities through technology developed by Socialneed complemented with the power of commercial allies such as Google.

Socialneed is a safe place!
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We are in Pre-Registration, if you want to offer services you must fill out the form, and you will be among the first profiles invited to download the app to whom we will send the instructions to activate their services, they will also have more opportunities to be approved and activated once Let's notify the launch date, this way you can appear faster in search results in your country and city.

Do I have to pay to appear in search results?


  • Registering with Socialneed is free, once approved and when we activate you to provide your services you will appear in the search results of potential clients seeking to resolve problems and/or require services related to your professional activity and specialization.

  • Socialneed absorbs a percentage of the payment transaction that we find for you (See service percentage) we practically become those who work for you and your payment processor, new clients that you didn't know needed you. The commission covers the operational costs of the platform but you set the price of your work, so you can add the percentage to the final price of your services | See how My Earnings works.​

  • If you are requested for a service (example: I need advice with...) you receive a notification with the information of the person requesting it and you choose whether to accept or not.​

How do I
position myself in the Socialneed search engine?

By being active on Socialneed, the closer you are to potential clients, you will position yourself at the top of their search results, which means that we will always show you among the first places of the people who are active in your environment.

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