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February 2024

Socialneed, now available in Mexico, is a Latin American Startup with high potential for global impact, introducing to the market a massively used and highly scalable product focused on the Future of Work. Within the Collaborative Economy and Fintech category, Socialneed has the support of Google through Google Cloud For Statups and brings to the market a disruptive mobile application focused on covering and solving social needs in real time as well as increasing social productivity.

The company is betting on the value of knowledge and human creativity, connecting people with opportunities instantly in a world in which automation and artificial intelligence are growing at an accelerated pace, increasing unemployment day after day. Socialneed is using technology for human productivity.

The mobile application is ideal for all people within a city and/or community, recognizing the value and countless opportunities and solutions that can be solved through the skills and specializations acquired by citizens. The objective is that all people as individuals can generate income by constantly providing services and specific services related to the activities in which they excel.


Independent professionals and people who have specialized in areas as well as new types of services.


Socialneed handles a rigorous user validation and verification process before allowing them to provide a service through its innovative solution. All the steps are explained in detail on their website

The APP passed its testing protocol through a controlled "Soft-opening" pilot launch, in this way the company prepared to face a greater volume of users focused on its official launch in MEXICO. In parallel, it is receiving pre-registration requests for users from countries such as PANAMA, COSTA RICA, COLOMBIA, CHILE and ARGENTINA prior to its launch in each country.

The Co-Founders of Socialneed and their Head Team have experience in positioning brands and building digital products including previous Startups that have reached profitability status with millions of users. The company, in addition to the support of Google, has Investors and is in its first round of post-launch investment with Venture Capital funds.

You will be able to see more on your social networks, by searching for the word "Socialneed", on any social network you will find all your networks adapted to various countries.

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