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Socialneed ® It is a Startup & Big Data Company with a digital product of high social impact! We bring a magnificent global solution focused on solving innumerable social needs through applicable technology through thousands of people in cities and communities



Identify the needs and solutions that society will face in the short, medium and long term, detecting opportunities in which each individual (in a city and / or community) can be useful and increasingly productive. Thus preventing social and labor isolation taking into account the acceleration of automation and robotics globally.


Socialneed Startup was founded and conceptualized at the end of 2016 designed to solve millions of social needs.

Hand in hand with our partners, collaborators, trusted suppliers and allies, we have invested years of preparation, development, conceptualization and improvements, relying on advisers of different legal, financial and technological profiles around the world, mainly from the US, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Spain and Australia.


Socialneed is valued in the US according to Preferred Return through Gust according to the 409A valuation format



During 2018 we carried out a market study in three cities in three different countries (exactly in Mexico City, Miami Florida and Panama City) created with the support of international advisers, in this way Socialneed managed to validate internationally the receptivity of our concept in the market.


During 2019 we carried out a pilot test in Panama where we have obtained a receptivity percentage of 100% of potential invited users, during that time we enabled our platform for Android receiving hundreds of downloads from the target target. 

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