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by Socialneed Inc.

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We are disruptively evolving the way humans are indispensable.

Socialneed Inc. is a technology-based Startup focused on THE FUTURE OF WORK with a digital product (needyou) with high social impact within the collaborative economy category.

needyou app is a powerful accelerator of job opportunities, solutions and payments between people, even allowing people to offer their services through subscription.

One of the most surprising features is that needyou shows you solutions in real time and you can resolve a service or emergency by video call or in person, you no longer have to wait hours or days for a quote. needyou works on demand and shows you the people who are available in real time or when you need them.

needyou also allows the skills acquired by humans during their life to be monetized and the solution that another needs, turning it into a service.

At Socialneed and needyou we use robust technology to empower humans, their income, solutions and remain indispensable in society.

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